Info for patients

Consultations are always by appointment:

either in the hospital in Halle (waiting room 14, 2nd floor, Building D) . Please incribe yourselve at the kiosk prior to the consultation.

either in private practice in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

If you need an urgent appointment and there is no appointment vacant, don’t hesitate to call me.

For the on call system please look below “Permanence”. Every week-end you can join an colleague on duty from 9 am until noon.

  To take an appointment:

  • Please fill in the complete information of the patient. Don’t forget to mention a telephone number in case of unforeseen circumstances. 
  • 1 appointment = 1 patient. For more persons, please block more appointments. 
  • Bring the medical booklet and a sticker from the mutual insurance. 


  • Vaccination
    • Please take your appointment for vaccination at least 48u before, since some of them may have to be ordered. In the comments you mention:« vaccines … months/years . 
  • Attestations
    • Some attestations need research in the medical file of your child. In that case you better take an appointment. 
  • Too late
    • Please come on time, so others don’t have to wait after you. If you expect a delay, please contact me to modify your appointment. 
  • Cancellation / modification
    • If you booked online you can cancel or modify your appointment yourself till 24h prior to the appointment. Please follow the instructions you got in the e-mail of confirmation. In case of no-show an administrative cost of 15 euro can be charged.


  • Payment
    • The payment can be done by Bancontact or cash. The cost of a consultation is 40 euro.